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Early Breast Cancer Screening

Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) provides a breast cancer screening center dedicated to helping healthcare professionals and consumers discover and monitor breast health concerns, through the use of digital infrared thermal imaging.  Infrared (IR) imaging is a non-radiation, non-contact, accurate and

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  • Mammogram screening and overdiagnosis: tumor size an issue? – Health Care Business Daily News Written by: Thomas Dworetzky , Contributing Reporter A just-published study of breast cancer data has raised the issue of overdiagnosis from mammography screening – and puts tumor size squarely in the middle of the debate. That’s because many “small breast cancers have an excellent prognosis because they are inher […]
  • Breast thermography: Technology, benefits, and cancer signs
    Written by Tom Seymour Reviewed by Christina Chun, MPH Medical News Today Breast thermography is a non-invasive and painless test, with no radiation involved. It can detect and monitor early warning signs of breast cancer. This type of breast cancer screening is particularly useful for people under the age of 50. This is because […]
  • The Radiant Health Show with Dr. Christine Horner – Carla Garcia, C.T., D.O.M
    Is Thermography a Mammogram Alternative? Part 1 and 2 September 14, 2016   My guest this week is Dr. Carla Garcia, a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine with more than 30 years of experience in Integrative Medicine and an expert in thermography. In this 2-part interview, she discusses thermography, how it is useful for […]
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